Silence is Golden – LED Replacements for HID Fixtures at UNH Tone Down Ambient Noise


Interstate’s Northern Service team was tasked with replacing old style HID and fluorescent light fixtures at the Whittemore Center Arena ice rink on the University of New Hampshire Campus in Durham, NH.

With just eight weeks to complete the project, the Interstate team had to work fast and deliver excellent quality. All the fixtures were prepped for installation at Interstate’s Operation center and delivered wired, tested and ready to install – a real advantage for a fast track project like this. Positioning data extracted from REVIT models was projected on-site using a sophisticated laser pointing device to accurately position each fixture 60 feet above the ice surface, saving time and improving accuracy.

The new LED System saves energy, reduces maintenance costs and features two lighting controllers that allow the bright arena lights to be dimmed to near darkness without flutter. The system is also tied into the fire alarm, so that in the event of an alarm the lights are automatically in full bright mode.

Cost saving and lighting flexibility are just part of the story. There is the issue of noise. While they provide excellent illumination, HID light fixtures suffer from excessive ballast noise, a steady hum, that when multiplied by the number of fixtures needed to light an ice rink becomes an unbearable din. In fact, the noise from the lights was so bad that it affected player’s concentration to the extent that the university piped music into the arena in an effort to cover it up.

Now when the lights are on, the only sound you hear is silence, one of those essential things in life you take for granted until it’s gone. And now, the team can concentrate.