The Electrical Industry Relies on Targeted Materials Delivery to Keep Moving Forward

The electrical industry is evolving toward specialization in a way that is not unlike the evolution of medicine.

A century ago, doctors were jacks of all trades. As the field of medicine developed, specialization was the result.

material deliveryA generation ago, electricians were jacks of all trades, too. They would do everything – from project planning, to installation, to the “grunt work” of lugging materials to and around the jobsite. Today, we see the electrical trade quickly evolving, with licensed specialists in the field doing a job that is as mentally demanding and as highly skilled as few other careers are today.

The way construction projects are managed today has evolved as well. Schedule pressures, as well as site and labor constraints, have demanded that general contractors and subcontractors completely rethink what constitute best practices for material management and delivery.

This is an excerpt of an article that appeared in the New England Real Estate Journal.  To read the complete text, click the link below.