The Electrical Trade Offers Exciting Career Options for Women

IESC WomenGetting the Word out About What the Electrical Trade Offers Women

A far cry from what it was even a generation ago, today the electrical trade is one of the most exciting in the field of construction. Everything in our connected world requires electricity, from the simplest hand-held device to the most sophisticated manufacturing plant. As a career, it demands both manual and mental dexterity — the ability to not only work with their hands, but with their minds. Upon completion of their apprenticeship, today’s electricians have a knowledge base and skill set that no single college degree can provide, but would require degree programs in several different disciplines. It is a career filled with possibilities and paths for enrichment and advancement.

A career in the electrical trade is within reach for women, and unlike most other jobs that pay similar wages, requires no college debt. Still, too few women and girls consider the electrical trade as a career option,or know that people with a wide range of skills and interests can find a path that suits them, in engineering, design, project management and more.

This is an excerpt from a NEREJ article authored by Luiza Mills, Vice President of Human Resources at Interstate.  For the full text of the article, click on the link below.