Interstate Electrical Services Launches First Registered Apprentice Program for Manufacturing Assemblers in Massachusetts

A Range of Industries Rely on Manufacturing Assembly Skills, But Workers Are Scarce

Interstate Electrical Services Corp. today introduced the first apprenticeship program in Massachusetts specifically designed for manufacturing assemblers. Interstate’s Team Assembler Electrical Apprentice Program expands opportunities for workers in the state to learn in-demand skills while being paid.

Participants who complete the Team Assembler Electrical Apprentice Program will earn an Assembler Certificate, which will be registered with the state. The one-year apprentice program requires 2,000 on the job hours and 150 classroom hours. Up to 30 apprentices are expected to enroll in the first year of the program.

Luiza Mills, vice president of Human Resources at Interstate, said, “This is a win-win-win for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for our employees and for our company. Interstate is proud to lead the way with this Team Assembler Electrical Apprentice Program,” Mills continued. “This initiative enables us to combat the talent gap for general labor in the trades and manufacturing while providing a new path to a promising career for people from diverse backgrounds.”

Interstate increasingly relies on manufacturing processes and prefabrication to complete many of the tasks that electricians use to perform in the field. The work is performed at Interstate’s 100,000 square foot, UL-approved Operations Center. The Lean Construction manufacturing methods adopted by Interstate result in higher productivity and efficiency, better quality control, and safer, more comfortable work conditions for employees.

Once an apprentice completes the program and becomes a Registered Assembler, opportunities for career advancement include becoming a production area supervisor. Skills obtained through the program are transferable to the benefit of any employer in the state that relies on manufacturing.