IESC Uses Prefab Technologies on Maine Medical Project

Interstate Electrical Services Corp. announced that its prefabricated production technologies are being used in the construction of Maine Medical Center’s brand-new building on its campus in Scarborough, Maine.

Upwards of 50% of the electrical content for the project is being pre-built at Interstate’s 100,000sf operations center in Tewksbury and delivered to the job site on an as needed basis.

Prefab electrical panels in place at Maine Med

Using just-in-time-delivery, Interstate streamlines the building process developing prefab packages that include power panels, in-wall outlets and switches. All components undergo quality checks and are UL-certified before being packaged in reusable crates for delivery to the Maine Medical site.

“The concept of lean construction is all about value added efficiency through optimized flow, and prefabrication with just-in-time component delivery fits that concept perfectly,” said Interstate regional vice president, Peter Cicolini. “This lean method of construction has many benefits both for the Interstate site team and the other trade teams currently working the job.”

“With facilities like Interstate’s operations center, employees can build higher-quality components at a faster pace in a more controlled environment. It’s really a win-win-win for everyone involved,” says Moritz Schmid, superintendent at Consigli Construction. “We’ve worked with Interstate for years and value having their knowledge, efficiency, and expertise.”

In addition to prefabricated parts, the site team is taking advantage of Interstate’s 3D project coordination expertise. By visualizing the layout virtually with cutting-edge design software, it offers all teams involved the opportunity to finalize space requirements and identify and rectify any instances where components and/or building infrastructure intersect. The final coordinated model includes positioning data for all electrical components that can then be downloaded to a robotic pointing device and marked at the job site with pinpoint accuracy. The software makes laying out a site with the typical tools – tape measures, stakes and string – obsolete.

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