Interstate Makes the Case for Electrical Careers in The Boston Business Journal

At Interstate, we already know that the electrical trade offers exciting, rewarding career paths. Due to the shortage of licensed electricians in New England and our aging workforce, we want to let the rest of the world know, too.bbj

In an article published in The Boston Business Journal on September 8, Interstate Vice President Luiza Mills wrote the following:

If not addressed, a shortage of licensed electricians could have negative ripple effects across the economy. At the same time that our labor force is graying, college student debt is reaching crisis proportions in the United States, with spiraling college tuition continuing to outpace inflation.

According to recent estimates, there is now $1.44 trillion in total U.S. student loan debt, with over 44 million Americans with student loan debt. Can one of these problems help solve the other? In a word, yes.

For the right person, the electrical trade offers a fulfilling, rewarding, life-long career that requires no debt to get there. For people struggling to justify taking on student loans for an uncertain future, the path to the electrical licensing exam is clear, and the reward at the end is tangible. Still, too few parents – and students – know about this option.

We are proud of the more than 200 Interstate apprentices who have graduated from the Gould Institute over the past two decades. The fact is that many of our senior executives started at as apprentices at Interstate, and so we value apprenticeships across the company. We are committed to introducing motivated young people and people in mid-career to a skilled trade that’s the perfect foundation for a bright future.

Luiza’s complete article is published on The Boston Business Journal website (subscription required).

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